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The Farriers Workhorse

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The Farriers Workhorse, designed especially for this trade and includes: The Avenger Professional Hard top designed to survive the harshest environments whilst still offering gentle curving lines that compliment your pick-up, Tray Bins available in black or aluminium checker plate. Two 11kg Refillable Cylinders with Level Gauge and LPG connector ready to fill up at your local LPG garage. The mini tray slide, giving you better access to your grinder and helps keep metal shavings out of the pick-up bed. An inverter with twin sockets allowing you power when you're at events and a fire extinguisher for your safety. All in stock and available for most pick-ups.

Money saving: The two 11kg refillable gas bottles are (on average) the same cost to fill as one Calor gas bottle, therefore if you currently are using one Calor gas bottle the system will pay for itself in 6 months and the saving will pay for the complete Farrier Workhorse system in 3 years. Our system is finished ready to screw your standard regulator directly into.

Spec & Pricing
Avenger Professional Hard top Double Cab
Low Chequer Plate Tray Bins Double cab
Mini Tray Slide
Re-fillable gas system, with dividing partition
2000W (4000W Peak) inverter
1KG Powder Fire Extinguisher

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Combination Package Discount
Discounted Total £5135.00
All prices plus fitting or delivery and VAT