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Ex-Demo Ford Ranger MK5, 6 and 7 Wildtrak Carryboy Roller Top Double Cab

Product Information
REF: SO277

Only two months old, in excellent conditions with fitting kit and keys.

The same great Carryboy Roller top finished in satin black, now compatible with the Ford Ranger WildTrak sports bar, this design has been updated and is now a complete non-drill clamp fit.p>

The Roller Shutter / Lid is tough, stylish and secure alternative to traditional pick up cover. The fully retractable cover can be locked into 2 different positions granting you the ability to carry taller / awkward items very securely, leaving the rest of the load area covered. Constructed from ultra-strong aluminium, finished in a superior two tone colour scheme to complement the WildTrak sports bar, it features a high-quality triple locking system that completely secures the pick up and tailgate, offering outstanding protection for your tools, equipment or valuables and still maintains the Pick up look, and improves Fuel Consumption by minimising wind drag.

With 4 drainage points, 2 in the canister and 2 in the side rails the Roller lid directs any water outside the pick up, to help keep your pick up bed dry. With its aluminium construction, the Roller Top is rust-proof, weatherproof and lightweight. Most importantly, the fully lockable and secure Roller Top is virtually maintenance free.

WildTrak sports bar not included.

Internal Ref: 21563

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