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Tray Bins

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Tray Bins

Aluminium Chequer Plate Tray bins
The Aluminium Chequer Plate Tray Bins are manufactured using a powder coated steel frame. With Aluminium Chequer Plate drawers and an Aluminium Chequer Plate deck. It is the ideal choice when the pick-up needs to be easily washed out, the Aluminium Chequer Plate Tray Bins is the ideal choice for secure storage without a Canopy / Hardtop / Hardtop .
Both Tray bins are individually lockable, the Tray bins also have useable storage areas on either side of the wheel arches maximising your complete load area.

Black Coated Tray Bins.

The Tray Bins are constructed from powder coated steel, with a Carpet Deck which is made from 5 ply plywood, a multi layered veneer that is proportionally as strong as steel, but without the weight, and finished with a non-slip grey synthetic carpet. It is the ideal choice for use under tops and hardtop/canopies.

Both styles are available also as Low Tray bins (25cm High)
Your Tray bins will bring everything into easy reach, with its roller system using six steel roller bearings you can load and unload with ease.
The Tray bins have managed time and time again to deliver a quality innovative and durable product at an affordable price.
Slight variation in the description/features is possible, please check product page for your vehicle.


  • Max 300kg load capacity (evenly distributed).
  • Six steel roller bearings. (For Short Beds Pick-Ups: 1.2m & For Long Beds Pick-Ups).
  • Eight steel roller bearings. (For Extra-Cab Pick-ups: 1.6m)
  • Ten steel roller bearings. (For Pick-up Single-Cabs: 2.1m long)
  • Easy fitting and removal.
  • Standard width of 1330 mm allowing fitment into any European Pick-up (if fitted, bed liners may require modification)