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Side Opening Canopy

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Side Opening Canopy feature Side Opening Canopy feature
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Side opening ( Commercial )

Side opening doors or gullwing doors on both sides enable easy access to tools and equipment, making this type of canopy a preference to professionals that require tools and equipment transportation.
Workstyle ( Comercial )
The Professional is the ultimate in the working/commercial Canopy / Hardtop whilst still offering gently curving lines that compliment your pick-up. This Canopy / Hardtop is hugely recognised and used by major fleets such as the NHS, Fire Brigade and many others.
The Professional is built with practicality in mind with extra wide side doors for easy access. A high roof line, creating a larger volume in the pick-up to optimise the load capacity. The side and rear doors are lockable and secured with a double locking catches with opened using a single door handle, keeping the contents of your load safe.
The professional is hand-laid fiberglass one piece shell for added strength, individually designed for each vehicle with tempered safety glass tinted windows ("E" marked). It has built-in drain channel and it is easy to clean. It is available in three configurations, solid side doors and rear glass, glass all around or solid all around, giving you several options according with your needs.

Fleet Runner (Comercial)
The Fleet Runner is the latest canopy manufactured by SJS offering a new alternative within the side opening/fleet range.
All three solid doors use a double skin technology for ultimate strength and have the bonus of central locking as standard.
The canopy finishes level with the roof of the vehicle for optimum fuel economy and ease of loading longer lengths over the vehicle roof.
The side and rear doors are lockable and secured with double locking catches and are opened using a single door handle, keeping the contents of your load safe.
It cames with central locking and interior carpet and light.
As standard the Fleet Runner canopies are painted to the standard white of the vehicle, we can supply them in other colours - Please contact us for further details and cost.


HardtopsUK now offer yet another practical Canopy / Hardtop to there wide range already available. This Canopy / Hardtop Truck top has been manufactured for the working commercial market but still retaining the styles and looks of our other canopies. The side opening windows on both sides of the top to enable easy access to tools & equipment.
The SJS Canopy / Hardtop has a reputation for strength and durability. The attractive design incorporates many practical features and has proven very successful both here, and around the world. It comes painted in the required colour. The colour coded fiberglass rear spoiler has a built in integrated 3rd brake light, fitted with tinted side opening windows with 60% tint for added security. A lockable rear glass tailgate, supported on twin gas struts and with a sliding bulkhead window and roof bars, as well as an interior light. They are finished with a grey interior, that is both durable and neat.
Slight variation in the description/features is possible, please check product page for your vehicle.


  • 6 point non-drill clamping system
  • Side opening Doors / Gullwing Windows
  • Integrated LED third brake light.
  • Single handle operated tailgate
  • One year warranty.