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Our Shelving Systems are designed to offer a perfect fit with our products, whether they need to fit with Tray bins or without, Hi-roof or a std. canopies we have the solution for you.
They combine excellent storage capacity with compact design thus minimising loss of floor space. Our systems has been the choice of various local authorities and utility companies. We can also design and build bespoke shelving systems to meet any special requirements you may have.
Three sizes available
  • SSLDCL – Low height to fit with High Tray Bins.
  • SSMDCL – Medium height to fit with Low Tray Bins.
  • SSHDCL – Full height to fit without Tray Bins - (only available in pairs).
Aluminium Storage / Tool Box
The Storage/Tool Boxes are fabricated out of 3mm Tread plate, guillotined and pressed on the state of the art machinery and fully Tig Welded, then assembled using only the best materials. Fitted with two Flush fitting quality Locks-Secure and held by twin gas rams for ease of opening. Fully Welded seams this product it weather proof, light and durable. Fits with most makes of hardtops, canopies or sports bars when fabricated with a small lid. Fabricated to fit in most makes of 4x4 pickup trucks, bespoke boxes available. Removable trays Optional.
Slight variation in the description/features is possible, please check product page for your vehicle.